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Grandchildren/Grandparents Shabbat

Kenton Synagogue held a children & grandchildren/grandparents Shabbat on 20 January 2018.

There was an excited 'buzz' around the building with over 40 grandchildren present, between the ages of 1month to 16 years attending. Two children's services and a Youth Service were held and were enjoyed by everyone.

Three boys sung Anim Zemirot together, leading the community. What was remarkable was that they had only just met each other and had only sung it together once.

This was followed by all the children being called to the bima for a blessing.

The end of the service saw everyone - children, parents and grandchildren - come together for a splendid Kiddush.

The ruach was tremendous and the smiling faces will be remembered for a long time. It was wonderful and very special to have three generations of Kenton all together.

The question asked at the end was 'When is the next one?'

Kenton Shul

Kenton Shul


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