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Service Times

Friday 01 September to Shabbat 16 September

For all services from Sunday 17 September through to Shabbat Bereshit, 22 October, please see the [High Holy Days & Succot Services] which can also be downloaded and printed for reference.

Date Shacharit Mincha Shabbat /
Chag begins
Ma'ariv Shabbat /
Chag ends
Friday 01 September 6:55am 7:15pm 7:33pm After Mincha 
Shabbat Ki Tetze Mevorchim 9:15am 7:30pm   At the end
of Shabbat
Sunday 03 September 8:30am 7:30pm   After Mincha  
Monday 04 September 6:50am 7:30pm   After Mincha  
Tuesday 05 September 6:50am
7:30pm   After Mincha  
Wednesday 06 September 6:55am 7:30pm   After Mincha  
Thursday 07 September
6:50am 7:30pm   After Mincha  
Friday 08 September 6:55am 7:15pm 7:17pm After Mincha  
Shabbat Ki Tavo 9:15am 7:10pm   At the end
of Shabbat
Sunday 10 September
7:15pm After Mincha  
Monday 11 September 6:50am 1:30pm 7:30pm  
Tuesday 12 September 6:50am
1:30pm   7:30pm  
Wednesday 13 September 6:55am 1:30pm   7:30pm  
Thursday 14 September 6:50am 1:30pm   7:30pm  
Friday 15 September 6:55am 7:01pm 7:01pm After Mincha  
Shabbat Nitzavim Vayelech
Hashkamah Minyan

6:55pm   At the end
of Shabbat

Kenton Shul

Kenton Shul


As a community we are committed to provide every Jew with a range of Jewish experiences, personal support and opportunities for spiritual development, all within the framework of Torah and halacha.

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