Kenton Shul


Adult Education
Gemara Shiur
Educational Programme
  • Wednesday evenings at 7:45pm
    - Rabbi Black's Talmud Shiur for men
    - Rabbi Taubman's Shiur for men and women
  • Shabbat mornings before Davening
    - Rabbi Black's parashat ha'shavua Shiur
    - All are welcome
Tea with a taste of Torah
Tea with a taste of Torah

Rabbi Black's exciting and topical Shiur welcomes
both men and women.

  • Monday 25 February at 10:00am: TEA and a TASTE of TORAH returns - Rabbi Black's talk and discussion will be on the topic "Mental Incompetence in Jewish Law". All are welcome

Kenton Shul

Kenton Shul


As a community we are committed to provide every Jew with a range of Jewish experiences, personal support and opportunities for spiritual development, all within the framework of Torah and halacha.

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