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Sadly it is not currently viable for Kenton Away Days to continue, but since the first excursion to Dover Castle in 2012 they have been very varied and successful.

They have been enjoyed by both the organisers and the participants - giving us all a chance to see and learn about some of the loveliest stately homes, gardens and villages that typify England, including an amazing day on the river at Henley.

Possibly it will be revived at some future date and it would be very much appreciated by the community if there were someone who would like to organise away days by coach - and if anybody would like to do so - please contact the Shul office.

You can view the reports on two of our previous awaydays at:

Chatham Historic Dockyard


As a community we are committed to provide every Jew with a range of Jewish experiences, personal support and opportunities for spiritual development, all within the framework of Torah and halacha.

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