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Kenton Synagogue Ladies Guild

The Guild has been an integral part of the Kenton community since the its establishment in 1948.

The Guild currently has 100 members with a Committee of 18 (new members and new Committee members are always welcome).

Our functions throughout the year raise funds to assist in improving, replacing and refurbishing kitchen equipment and facilities we have raised enough to purchase a new cooker and new curtains and decorations in the Baum Wing. The kitchen is a very much used facility in the shul and new items are often required.

Our major function and fundraising event is our AGM attended by both men and women followed by a buffet and celebrity speaker.

Donations are made to local Jewish and non-Jewish charities as well as Israeli charities. We have close connections with a social welfare group in Netanya 'Willing Hands', which provides food for those children living below the poverty line.

We support yomtovim by providing a cheesecake Kiddush and decorating the shul at Shavuot. We arrange the decoration of the Succah as well as arranging the Succot kiddushim and Simchat Torah lunch. To honour the Women of Worth we hold a supper in their honour each year.

As many time winners of the Annual US Womens Quiz and winners of the 2017 Quiz, Kenton hosted the Quiz in 2018 when 190 ladies representing most of the synagogues in the US participated.

All Kenton ladies are eligible to join the Guild for a nominal subscription and we look forward to welcoming new members. For further information please contact Priscilla Dale or Loretta Karr or the shul office at [] or 020 8907 5959.

Kenton Shul

Kenton Shul


As a community we are committed to provide every Jew with a range of Jewish experiences, personal support and opportunities for spiritual development, all within the framework of Torah and halacha.

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