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Rabbi Yehuda Black and his wife Yehudit came to the Kenton community in 2004. Previously, they were Rabbi and Rebbetzen in Newcastle upon Tyne and before that they were in Staines for five years.

He was brought up in Ilford and then after studying in various Yeshivot in the UK, Israel, USA and Canada, he received Semicha from Chief Rabbi Hirschprung in Montreal.

Yehudit is a French Parisien and brings her own vitality and energetic devotion to Judaism in her role as Rebbetzin. They live in Kenton together with their nine children.

Rabbi Black and family

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Putting on Tefillin
Questions to the Rabbi

Q. At every simcha we sing "Moshiach, Moshiach, Moshiach …" – but:

  • In this messed up world – what could possibly encourage Moshiach to come?
  • If he were to come – where would he arrive?
  • How would we know it's him?
  • Would the world believe him?

A. This is a pretty broad question and I will try to answer it to the best of my abilities.

The Moschiach song to which you refer became a Number one hit in Israel a few years ago. Made popular by the Chassidic singer Mordechai Ben David, I have seen all types of Jews from various backgrounds dancing ecstatically to this fast pace niggun.

The words are comprised of the famous words of the twelfth principle out of the thirteen principles of faith. Ani Maamin… I believe in perfect faith in the coming of Moschiach, and even though he may tarry I wait for him every day that he will come.

These thirteen principles were formulated by Moses Maimonides over 850 years ago. He based his formulation on the tenth Chapter of Sanhedrin which delves specifically into these aspects of faith.

He speaks about Moschiach in greater detail in his Magnum Opus; Mishneh Torah in Hilchot Melachim where he expounds on the theme; who will he be; what are the signs that he will be Moschiach; what is his mission in this world.

Moschiach is a fundamental aspect of our faith. It is something about which we have prayed for thousands of years and is mentioned in our daily Tefillot countless times.

In a nutshell, the potential Moschiach is a man of flesh and blood, a descendant of King David, learned in Torah and mitzvoth, who will influence/persuade Jewish people to come closer to their faith. If he does this, and brings people back to the land, and then begins the rebuilding of the temple then he is Moschiach.

Some of the benefits of the Messianic age will be worldwide peace, knowledge of one God, people no longer desiring war.

Living in a world of utter confusion, where Israel faces threats to its existence from inside and outside. In a world, where poverty exists and so many have lost their moral compass, we need Moschiach more than ever to make the world a better place.

Moschiach does not have to come from Israel but he could come from anywhere.

Our Sages say that in every generation there is one amongst us who is ready to be revealed as the Moshiach.

In our long history we have had quite a few personalities who have been fitting to have been Moschiach. We have had impostors as well as people who fitted the bill. The problem is, was our generation ready for Moschiach.

It's up to us to do what we need to do as individuals, as a community to help bring Moschiach.

The difference between Gallut - exile and Geulah - redemption is one letter. An Aleph. It is the Yehudi echad- the one Jew; by doing the extra mitzvah that can help bring the imminent arrival of Maschiach, speedily in our days.

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